Elaine is this month’s Featured Fitness Instructor and has kindly taken the time to share her 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and the journey she has taken. She has done a lot of amazing things and I hope it motivates and inspires you to continue working towards your fitness goals. Let’s hear from Elaine…

My name is Elaine Stott, and I’m a group exercise instructor and the Active4life coordinator for Link4Life in Rochdale.

I’ve been in the industry 25 years, I started as a spinning instructor and moved on from there. As I turned 30, I split from a long term partner, had to sell my house and had a breast cancer scare which led to an operation. These 3 things combined in a very short length of time led to me completely re-evaluating what I was doing with my life and that I wanted to make a complete change of career! A loan from my parents, and some studying later I gained my level 2 ETM and changed from being a receptionist at an accountants to being a full time instructor for the company I still work for now!

25 years in and I’ve grown and changed direction to a full time position in the company that I absolutely love! I am now a level 3 GP Referral Instructor and hold level 4 qualifications in Cancer Rehabilitation, Exercise After Stroke, Long Term Neurological Conditions, Postural Stability and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. I have designed, implemented and now manage the functional fitness project for our company, this range of weekly classes and yearly courses enable us to work with older adults and those with long term conditions and ensure we have a weekly class they can attend which is suitable for their ability, structured to their condition and most of all fun and friendly! I’ve presented at the SPORTA, British Heart Foundation and Public Health England annual conferences in both poster zone presentation and in person. I also work with the Stroke Association on their Moving on after Stroke programme and our local hospital with their ERAS+ programme. I manage a fabulous team of instructors who between them hold several level 4 qualifications and cater really for all abilities, ages, conditions and lifestyles! And during lockdown I’ve started my own online fitness company with my husband.

In 5 years time I see myself hopefully still doing what I do, I love it!!! I love my participants, they make my days happier, helping them makes me feel better and good about myself! I love the team I work with they care, help and would do anything to ensure anyone can attend our sessions! I also love my weekly mainstream sessions, they keep me real, in the moment and fit!!

My advice would be find a niche that you love doing! Do a job that makes you happy, keep learning, so many people come into mainstream classes who have long term conditions as the world becomes more enabling for people to get more active, be the instructor who can help them!


Thank you again Elaine for sharing your fitness journey. We wish you every luck with your new online fitness company.

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